Thinning brow hairs

by | May 29, 2024

Diagram description:

Area 1 points to the Bulb

Area 1-2 is the Bridge

Area 2 points to the Arch

Area 2-3 is the Tail

Women’s brows tend to thin in the Tail area first.  Then eventually, it thins throughout the Bridge area and the arch is lost.

Common events, some women have over plucked brows throughout the years, and the new growth is sparse.  Others simply haven’t touched it, but it still thins.  One possibility is your thyroid or changes to your estrogen level.  Please refer to your physician for more details.

Either way, there’s no quick solution to make the hairs grow back.  Clients have used Latisse on their brow in hopes to grow hair.  The side affects is that it left dark, hyper pigmentation on the brow area.
This method is not recommended and it’s incredibly costly.

If this is the case, you are a perfect candidate for permanent makeup brows.  It will bring back definition to your eyes and relieve you the hassle of drawing them on daily.

Whatever hair you have left, the permanent makeup artist should use that as a guide to create a natural looking brow shape.
San Ramon, CA