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Eyebrow Microblading

Unlock your natural beauty with Permanent Makeup Techniques like microblading, which effortlessly define and enhance your features for a polished, low-maintenance look.


Fill in Sparse/Thinning Brows with microblading hairstrokes. Photos are Immediate After Procedure . The Brows will heal Lighter and Softer in 2 Weeks.

Alice BeforeAlice After

Put a little Bling!!! back into your eyes. Natural looking, More Definition. No more guessing makeup applications.

Betty BeforeBetty After

You are Ready to Go!!! Convenience when swimming or sweating. No smudges or Wipes Away by accident. Looks great and natural looking Every Day.

Franny BeforeFranny After

Before & After


Natural Eyeliners

Put the Pop back into your eyes!! Natural Eyeliners are recommended. No Wings, or anything fancy! Permanent Makeup Eyeliner provides Subtle Definition.


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