Professional Permanent Eyeliner Services Near Oakland, CA & Bay Area

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Professional Permanent Eyeliner Services Near Oakland, CA & Bay Area

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Effortless Beauty with Our Permanent Eyeliner Services

Tired of the daily hassle of applying eyeliner? Let Pretty Please Studio simplify your beauty routine so that you can wake up every day with perfect, smudge-free eyeliner.

At Pretty Please Studio, we specialize in permanent eyeliner that highlights your natural beauty. Our team delivers stunning, long-lasting results, making your morning makeup routines quicker and easier.

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Our Step-by-Step Permanent Eyeliner Procedure


Free Consultation

Our process starts with discussing your inspiration and desired look. You will talk to our eyeliner artist about the style and color of the liner you want.


Pencil Liner Design

Once you’ve finalized your desired look, the eyeliner artist will map out the design using a pencil. This will provide you with a glimpse of your final look. At this stage, you can ask your artist to make any amendments if you want.


Numbing Cream

Before starting the application, we will cleanse the eye area and apply a high-quality numbing cream. This ensures that the procedure is as comfortable and pain-free as possible, allowing you to relax throughout the process.


Eyeliner Application

At Pretty Please Studio, your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

After finalizing the design and applying the numbing cream, your artist will apply a topical cream to ensure your comfort. Then, the artist will carefully apply your permanent eyeliner using body-safe pigments and machines specifically designed for delicate areas.

The result? A natural, stunning eyeliner that beautifully complements your eyes, crafted with precision and care.


After Care Guidance

After the procedure, we will give you aftercare instructions. These include tips on how to care for your new eyeliner, what to expect during the healing process, and how to maintain the best results for long-lasting beauty.

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Permanent Eye Liner Pre-Procedure Instructions

To get the best results from our permanent makeup services, make sure to follow these instructions:

Refrain from using chemical peels, retinol, or Retin-A for a week before the procedure.

Do not consume alcohol 24 hours before your appointment.

Stop taking Fish Oil or Vitamin E one week before the procedure, as they can thin your blood.

Try to avoid taking aspirin or ibuprofen before your appointment.

Avoid Botox treatments in the brow area for at least two weeks prior.

Do not undergo electrolysis within five days before your appointment.

Do not wear false lashes or eye makeup when coming for your permanent eyeliner procedure.


Before & After


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Benefits of Getting Permanent Eyeliner at Pretty Please Studio

Saves Time

With our permanent eyeliner, you can save time every morning by skipping the daily makeup routine. Wake up with perfectly defined eyes every day.

Complement Your Beauty

Our skilled application enhances your natural beauty, giving your eyes a more defined and polished look that complements your facial features.

No More Smudges

Say goodbye to smudged or faded eyeliners. Enjoy smudge-free, waterproof eyeliner that stays in place all day, regardless of your activities or the weather.

Customized Eyeliner

We customize the eyeliner to suit your unique style and preferences, ensuring a look that perfectly matches your eyes and facial features, and enhances your appearance.

Lasts Long

Our permanent eyeliner is long-lasting, providing beautiful results that can last for up to 3 years with minimal touch-ups. Enjoy the convenience of flawless eyeliner without daily effort.


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Why Choosing the Right Technician Matters

Improper permanent eyeliner can cause problems like uneven lines, color spreading, or scarring. These issues can usually be fixed but may need more treatments. Choosing the right technician is important for a safe and successful procedure. 

An experienced technician makes sure the eyeliner is applied correctly and safely, using high-quality pigments and clean equipment. This lowers the risk of problems and ensures better results.

You might also be allergic to the pigments used. To avoid any issues, you can ask for a scratch test before the procedure. This simple test will show if you have any allergies to the materials used, keeping you safe and comfortable during and after the procedure.

At Pretty Please Studio, we focus on your safety and satisfaction with skilled technicians and top-quality services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs For Permanent Eyeliner

How Much Does Permanent Eyeliner Cost?

The price of permanent eyeliner starts from $475 and goes over $1,000, depending on the style you choose. A simple, thin line costs less than more elaborate styles like winged or cat eye. Touch-up sessions can cost between $200 and $700.

Can I Get Permanent Eyeliner if I Have Sensitive Skin?

Yes, we can perform the procedure on clients with sensitive skin. It’s important to discuss any skin conditions or sensitivities during your consultation so we can ensure the best care and aftercare for you.

What Are the Aftercare Instructions for Permanent Eyeliner?

After the procedure, avoid touching the treated area and keep it dry. Refrain from applying makeup to the area until it is fully healed. To achieve the best results, follow all aftercare instructions provided by your technician.

How Do I Know if I Need a Touch-Up?

Typically, a touch-up is needed about four weeks after the initial procedure to perfect the eyeliner and fix any problematic areas. Depending on how well your skin holds the pigment, you might need more touch-ups.

Can I Get Permanent Eyeliner if I Already Have Eyebrow Tattoos?

Yes, you can get permanent eyeliner even if you already have eyebrow tattoos. Many clients choose to enhance both their brows and eyes for a complete look. Each procedure is done separately to ensure precision and the best results.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount when you book multiple procedures together, such as brows, eyeliner, and lip blushing, in one appointment, especially during December.

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