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Get Confident, Natural Brows with Our Men’s Microblading

Get the masculine eyebrows you desire with our microblading service for men. At Pretty Please Studio, we specialize in creating fuller, natural-looking eyebrows with precise, hair-like strokes.

Whether you have sparse eyebrows or just want to enrich your natural brows, our microblading services will give you a polished, confident look.

At Pretty Please Studio, we use the highest-quality pigments and tools to ensure long-lasting results. 

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Our Microblading Process For Men


Free Consultation

We start with a free consultation where we discuss the shape and color of your desired eyebrows. You can ask questions, learn about the process, and voice any concerns. Our team will make sure you’re comfortable and informed.

 If you have sensitive skin, you can let us know during the consultation so that we can suggest an appropriate procedure.


Applying Numbing Cream

To keep you comfortable during the process, we apply a numbing cream to your eyebrows before starting. Thanks to the numbing cream, most clients only feel a slight scratching sensation.


Drawing Your Brow Shape

After applying the numbing cream, we outline your new eyebrows, ensuring brow symmetry. You get to see and approve the shape before we apply any pigment. Our experts ensure the shape matches your facial structure and looks natural.


The Microblading Procedure

After you approve the shape, we will start the microblading.

We use a unique tool with tiny needles to create small, hair-like strokes in your skin and apply the pigment. This detailed process gives you fuller, natural-looking eyebrows.

The whole process, including the consultation and drawing, usually takes a couple of hours.


Post-Procedure Care

After the procedure, we provide detailed instructions, written and verbal, on how to care for your new eyebrows to ensure they heal properly and get a polished look. The idea is to keep the area clean and dry and to avoid makeup or picking at any scabs.

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Microblading After Care For Men

Healing Process

After the session, you may experience some tenderness and swelling, which usually goes away after a few days. However, it’ll take about two weeks for your eyebrows to heal completely.

Initially, they will look darker and bolder than expected. Around day 4, you’ll see some scabbing and flaking. By the end of the first week, the scabs will fall off naturally, and the color will start to lighten.

It’s important to follow our aftercare instructions to achieve the best results.

Managing Common Side Effects

Side effects of microblading usually include redness, swelling, and itching. Here’s what you can do to manage these common side effects:

    • Avoid excessive sun exposure on your face.
    • Don’t touch or scratch your eyebrows.
    • Use the recommended ointment and keep the area clean and dry.
    • Watch for signs of infection, such as prolonged redness or pus.
    • Contact us immediately if you notice any severe reactions.


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Why Choose Our Microblading Service For Men

Save Time

Our microblading service saves you the hassle of daily eyebrow maintenance. Enjoy perfectly shaped eyebrows without the need for constant grooming or makeup application.

Get Natural Results

We specialize in creating natural-looking eyebrows that enhance your overall appearance. Our skilled microblading artists use precise techniques to ensure your eyebrows look effortlessly real and perfectly suited to your face.

Enjoy Lavish Brows for Months

With our high-quality microblading, you can enjoy beautiful, masculine brows for 12 to 15 months. Our long-lasting eyebrow tattoos mean you won’t have to worry about frequent touch-ups or redoing your eyebrows.


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Why Choosing the Right Microblading Technician Matters

Microblading can have complications like infections, allergic reactions, and scarring, which is why it is safer to go to experienced microblading professionals who know how to avoid these issues.

At Pretty Please Studio, our technicians are highly trained and certified. We follow strict hygiene practices, using clean and sterile tools with high-quality pigments to prevent infections and ensure skin health. Moreover, we use a numbing cream to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Our artists understand that different skin types react differently to microblading. We offer FREE personalized consultations and suggest microblading solutions according to your skin type. This helps us ensure your brows look natural and complement your facial features.


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Microblading Services We Offer

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup technique that usually fades over time. So, we offer various services to keep your eyebrows looking great. Here’s a breakdown of our services:

New Procedures

If you are turning to microblading for the first time, we apply cosmetic tattoos to untouched skin. This permanent makeup service enhances your natural look and is tailored to your facial features.

Quick Touch Ups

If you notice your brows starting to fade, schedule a touch-up with Pretty Please Studio to refresh its color and shape. Regular touch-ups are needed for defined eyebrows every 12-18 months.

Refresh Procedures

If your previous microbladed brows have started to fade but are still in good shape, you should schedule a refresh procedure. We recommend refresh procedures every 12 to 15 months to keep brows well-defined.

Re-Do Procedures

Without regular touchups, microblading fades completely. In this case, we carry out a re-do procedure. This involves reapplying the pigment to restore and enhance your brows. It’s great to give your eyebrow a major refresh but not a completely new design.

Correction Procedures

If you aren’t happy with the work of other artists, you can schedule our correction procedure. Our procedure requires multiple sessions to fix the shape or color of your microblade brows to make them look fuller and to your liking.


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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – Microblading for Men

What Issues Do Men Commonly Address With Microblading?

Microblading offers a solution to thinning eyebrows, hair loss, and uneven eyebrow shapes by providing you with the appearance of fuller brows.

For some, sparse or missing eyebrows can impact self-confidence, and microblading provides a way to get symmetrical, fuller eyebrows and regain a more defined and natural look.

It’s also an excellent option for men looking to reduce the time spent on eyebrow grooming.

Is Microblading Risky for Men?

Microblading is generally safe, but like any procedure, there are some risks. These include possible infections, allergic reactions, and scarring if not done correctly. Choosing a skilled and certified technician helps minimize these risks.

How Much Does Microblading for Men Cost?

The cost of microblading for men varies depending on the salon and the expertise of the technician. On average, it can range from $500 to $1,500. It’s essential to invest in a qualified professional to ensure the best results.

Is Microblading Painful?

Most people find microblading to be only mildly uncomfortable. At Pretty Please Studio, we use a numbing cream to reduce pain. Thanks to the cream, most clients only feel a slight scratching sensation during the procedure.


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