Tattoo Lightening vs. Tattoo Removal

by | May 29, 2024

I want to talk briefly about the terms “Tattoo Lightening” and  “Tattoo Removal”.

Tattoo Lightening: Whether you choose the laser or saline method, both treatments are considered tattoo “lightening”.  Multiple visits will be necessary for the pigment to fade.  Permanent Makeup lightening sessions vary from skin to skin, therefore, there are no guarantees.  Some pigment colors lighten faster than others, certain skin types heal with less scarring than others, all pigment manufacturers use different ingredients and colors to create their pigment, as a result, they will fade differently.

Tattoo Removal: This requires a doctor to extract the skin that has pigment, henceforth, “remove the skin”.  This process will scar, leaving the skin with possible hyper or hypo pigmentation.

I wanted to clarify the two terms because clients are eager to get their tattoos ‘removed’, but in reality, once pigment is placed into their skin, it’s a long slow process to lighten the pigment.

With permanent makeup correction procedures, multiple sessions are required to lighten the tattoo.  After the initial pigment is significantly faded, the artist’s choice of color is placed to correct mal color or design.  Please note, our skin still retains hints of the original color, so the artist should know that whatever new color is placed will mix with the original pigment to create a third color.

If the original permanent makeup brow is too thick, high or wide, it’s difficult to make them smaller.  However, if the permanent makeup brows are too thin or small, you may have a better chance of correcting the procedure.
San Ramon, CA