Permanent Makeup techniques; hairstrokes and softfill

by | May 29, 2024

Many clients ask what is the difference between hairstrokes and softfilled brows.
These are two techniques that produce difference results.

First is the Soft Fill.  Soft Fill brows allows artists to fill in the complete brow with pigment.  This method is beneficial when the client has a lot of hair on their brows, but has gaps in between the hair.  The use of round configured needles allow artists to cover larger surface of the skin and therefore, can shade in the entire brow, so that there’s no gap in between.


Before Permanent Makeup
After Permanent Makeup Hairstroke Brows

The Hairstroke method is best for clients with sparse brows.  The artist draws little hair like strokes to give the appearance of hair.  Light shading throughout the brow is then used to give the brows dimensions. 

The picture above is a sample of hairstroke brows.  Pigment is used minimally to give the appearance of a fuller brow.

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