Permanent Makeup Patch Test: what is it and why it’s done.

by | May 29, 2024

What is a “Patch Test” or “Allergy Test” and why is it performed?

People who are allergic to foods and products are hesitant to get Permanent Makeup.  They are concerned with adverse reactions to the tattoo pigment.

Prior to tattooing the face area, the artist can tattoo a small area of the skin that is hidden from plain view.  For example, most common area is behind the client’s ear, areas of the body that is usually covered under clothing, or on the client’s feet.  After the patch test, the client is instructed to go home and keep a close watch for any excessive swelling, irritation, or feeling nauseous.  This reassures the client, in the event of adverse reaction, their face will not be affected.

Here is a list of common ingredients in most tattoo pigments:  Mixture of various inert iron oxides, chromium oxide, titanium dioxide, carmine, and glycerin.

In all the years of practicing Permanent Makeup, I have not encountered clients who are allergic to tattoo pigments.  However, I have had clients who were mildly sensitive to the aftercare ointment.  Most artists provide A&D ointment to be applied to the fresh tattoo for several days.  Vaseline is not advised.  If you are experiencing excessive swelling or redness,  gently wash off the ointment with cool water and soap, pat dry, and keep it clean and dry for several days.  If the swelling persists, please consult a physician.
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