Permanent Makeup Eyeliner options

by | May 29, 2024

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

The thickness or thinness of permanent eyeliner is a personal choice.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the width (thickness) of your liner:

1.  All pigment fades over time, nothing is permanent.

2.  Black pigment fades to blue/grey over time, regular touch ups are needed to keep it black.
3.  The thicker the eyeliner, the faded blue/grey is more visible.
4.  There are several colors to choose from: black, brown, teal, blue, purple, etc…
However, my recommendation is to keep it natural looking by using black or brown.  The colors teal, blue, and purple look great at first, but you will ALWAYS look like you’re wearing makeup and the color looks washed out over short period of time.

The most common Eyeliner options are as follows:

1. Permanent Eyelash Enhancer- the artist will tattoo the liner thin and close to the eyelash on both top and bottom.  The purpose of this procedure is to give your eyes definition when not wearing makeup.  For example: mornings, swimming, running, weekend errands, etc…

2.  Permanent Eyeliner– here the pigment is close to the lash line, however, the eyeliner is applied medium in thickness.  The pigment is more visible so the use of topical makeup may or may not be necessary.  However, more touch ups are needed if you want the pigment to stay true black or brown.

3.  Permanent Eyeliner Thick/Smudge– here the pigment is applied thick in width to give the appearance of having smokey eyeshadow applied as top eyeliner.

My recommendation is to stay thin to medium with top eyeliner.  Permanent Makeup should not completely replace your topical makeup.  The goal is to give  your face subtle definition, not harsh lines or colors.  Our goal is to enhance your eyes and lips but not attract attention.  There’s something to be said about looking fresh faced in the morning.  Go for the “Day wear” look, not the “Evening time going out look”.

When others look at you, they should not know that you have permanent makeup, unless you tell them : )
San Ramon, CA