Medication and Permanent Makeup

by | May 29, 2024

Prior to any Permanent Makeup procedures, clients are asked to complete a Consent Form.
The form is used to document medical history, current and previous use of certain medications and to alert any possible interference for a quick recovery.

When possible, the client should be in optimal health.  If you’re feeling under the weather, just wait.  Remember, our body has a better chance of healing and fighting infections when we’re well rested and healthy.

If you were diagnosed with cancer and fear hair loss due to Chemotherapy,  be sure to check in with your doctor.  If you are currently under going Chemotherapy sessions, please wait.  If you have completed your Chemotherapy sessions, please consult your doctor and Permanent Makeup should be accessible to most clients.

Medications that are particularly of interest to Permanent Makeup Artist are as follows:

  • Cumadin
  • Aspirin (baby or adult dose)
  • Any other blood thinning medications
  • Acutaine (if used in the last 12 months)
  • Excessive use of alcohol or tobacco
  • Latisse

Please check with your doctor prior to stopping any medication.

Permanent Makeup procedures may cause droplets of blood immediately after the procedure, so use a clean tissue and gently blot your brows for 10 minutes.  Blood thinning medications may interfere with healing.  Consult your doctor.

Acutaine, used for severe acne, may increase sensitivity to the sun.  Therefore, it is recommended that the client wait minimum 12 months.  In addition, when on Acutaine, people should also wait minimum of 12 months prior to getting waxed (face and body).

Latisse is used to enhance, lash growth.  However, it may thin and/or hyper pigment your lash line.  I would recommend stopping use for minimum 2 months prior to the Permanent Makeup Eyeliner procedure.  Use of Latisse will not affect Brow or Lip procedures.
San Ramon, CA