Making your lips look fuller with Permanent Makeup

by | May 29, 2024

Permanent makeup lip procedures are favored by women who are losing lip color around the Oral Commissure area.  As we age, collagen production and blood circulation slows down which causes our lip color to pale in color.  Over time, this area may turn into skin color causing the lips ‘shrink’ or look thinner.  Many clients ask me if permanent makeup can give them a fuller looking lips.

The answer is Yes and No.

The Vermillion border is where the your skin and lips meet.  It borders the lips and forms a slight ridge.  The artist should stay either directly ‘on’ the vermillion border  or slightly ‘above’, when lining lips.  They should not tattoo noticeably above the natural lip line.  In doing so, the pigment color will draw attention to the Vermillion border and will not look natural. 

However, by tattooing natural lip color pigment in the lips and by keeping them moist, it will create an allusion of fuller, plumper lips.

If you have uneven lips, where one side is slightly higher than the other, small adjustments can be made when tattooing to even out the lips.  The artist should tattoo directly ‘on’ the vermillion border on the higher side of the lip, and tattoo slightly above for the side that’s lower.  Again, when referring to tattooing slightly above, the measurement should be un-noticeable to the naked eye.

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