Is Lip Blushing tattoo painful?

by | May 29, 2024

Pretty Please Studio Lip Blushing Healed

As we age, our lips naturally get thinner and pale in color.  Having a pop  of color refreshes the face and promotes youthfulness.  Permanent Makeup provides a service called Lip Blush, Lip Blushing, or Lip Tinting.  We outline the lips with pigment, then shade in the color throughout the lips.  The end result should look like Lip Gloss.  Translucent colors tend to age better.  It looks more natural than the opaque colors.  

The biggest concern with Permanent Makeup for the lips is pain.  How painful is it?  That all depends on the artist, product and technique.  Topical numbing products have a range in duration and efficacy.  As a permanent makeup artists, we can only use maximum 5%  Lidocaine.   Some clients get a “Dental Block” from their dentist prior to the procedure.  Some clients purchase their own numbing product online.  Whatever you choose, be sure to consult your Permanent Makeup Artist.

Putting on numbing cream at home prior to office visit will make the procedure MORE painful.  Most topical numbing cream or ointment have a limited time of efficacy.  Putting on numbing product longer does not guarantee less discomfort.   In my opinion, a Dental Block is not necessary.  It is an over kill.  Talk to your permanent makeup artist to discuss numbing plan of action.  Most artists numb the lip area before and during the procedure to ensure comfort.

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