How to look younger without spending any money

by | May 29, 2024

My clients often ask me what procedures are out there to help them look younger and fresh.

That’s always an easy answer for me.  I tell them that many people don’t take advantage of the most inexpensive methods to look and feel younger!

1.  EXERCISE vigorously 3 to 4 hours per week.  It’s guaranteed to lift and firm everything, increase circulation, and give you an overall glow.  I know I sound like a commercial but it’s the simple truth.  After our 20s, gravity has a way of sagging and deflating our face and body.  
We really do need to move our body to pump the blood and strengthen our muscles.

Exercise won’t plump our face like Juviderm or Restalyn, however, it does increase blood circulation and as a result, it benefits your skin.

2.  Drink lots of WATER throughout the day.  Not coffee, soda, or tea, but just water.  Our lips are like plants.  Give it some water, and it instantly plumps up.  Try it and see.  When your lips are dry, not only does the color go pale, but it accentuates all the cracks and wrinkles.   And no matter how much you externally moisturize with lip balm, lipstick or gloss, it will still feel dry.

3.  Get a good night SLEEP.  Some of us are night owls, but there’s nothing better for brighter eyes than solid night rest.

4.  Makeup- Less is More!!!  Make sure your foundation or press powder isn’t too ashy for your complexion.  I have a lot of Asian clients that looks ashy or grey.  There are millions of foundation shades.  Don’t buy simply because you are loyal to a Brand.  I love MAC and Origins for various makeup products, but they don’t have my foundation shade.  I had to try 20+ different brands, before I found the right shade.  Foundation should really make you glow, not mute or alter your complexion.  Best to take a head shot with your camera indoors, with some natural day light to see accurate color.  Ask yourself, do I look like I glow, or is there a white, grey or simply fuzzy look to your skin.
San Ramon, CA