How to avoid getting Blue Grey Brows

by | May 29, 2024

My client Rhonda is Asian.  When she first inquired about permanent makeup, she expressed the fear of Blue Grey brows that she sees many women with permanent makeup have.

To avoid eyebrow pigment fading to blue-ish grey, do not use Black pigment for brows.   No matter how dark our hair and complexion, the Permanent Makeup artist should always used a variation of Brown, not Black.

Black pigment has primary Blue pigment, henceforth, as the black pigment starts to fade, the color blue remains, therefore, will leave a blue- ish grey brows.


Before Permanent Makeup
After Permanent Makeup  Hairstroke Brows

All pigment fades over time.  There’s no way to avoid that, therefore, regular touch ups are needed. 

On the flip side, as the Brown pigment fades, Red is the dominant color, therefore, brows may fade into a pinkish color.

In either cases, the artist can use colors to counter balance the old pigment.  This is what we refer to “pigment correction” procedures.

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