Hair style completes your new look

by | May 29, 2024

How do you know when your hair is outdated?

Have you had the same hair cut and color since 1985.   As we age, our hair feels dryer, finer and grayer.  Ugh!  Therefore, it’s possible that a hair style that may have worked for your hair texture 25 years ago, may no longer works for you today.

Don’t be afraid and try a new hairstylist.  There are many salons that are Paul Mitchell Certified.  These salons are current with trends and pride in using the latest techniques.   These salons also seek models to try different hair cuts.  

I understand that we are all attached and “friends” with our hair dresser.  It may feel like you are “cheating” on them, if you try someone new.  However, we are paying them fortheir services.  It’s ok to try a new hair dresser, then once a new cut is established, you can always go back to your current hair stylist to show her the new look.  If he/she cannot duplicate, perhaps it’s time to move on to new talent.

San Ramon, CA