Fear of Permanent Eyeliner poking me in the eyes

by | May 29, 2024

After my clients enjoy the benefits of Permanent Eyebrows, they are interested in Permanent Eyeliner, but some are hesitant.

Some typical concerns:
What if you poke me in the eyes?
What if it hurts?
What if I sneeze or move and you miss?

Any procedures done near the eyes should raise concerns.  However, a well trained Permanent Makeup Artist understands the anatomy of the eye and stays away from danger zones.

Permanent Eyeliner procedures with Softap is a gentle procedure with repetitive strokes.

Permanent Eyeliner is applied ‘above’ your top lashed.  And under the bottom lashes.

The white rim immediate above the lower lashes is called the Wet Line.  You should not get tattooed on that line.  It may cause dry eyes and other complications.  I have a client who has had their wetline tattooed in the past.  She commented that it did not cause dry eyes, but I told her to consider herself lucky.  Over time, there may be complications.  The pigment should be placed along the lower lashes but under the wetline.

My recommendation for Permanent Eyeliner is to stay thin to medium on top liner.  However, always stay thin on the lower lash line.
Permanent makeup should be used to define your eyes, but not replace heavy eyeliner makeup.
If the eyeliner is applied thick, as the pigment fades, it turns Blue/Grey.  The thick blue/grey liner looks like you left some makeup on from the previous night.  However, if you stay thin and close to the lash line, as the pigment fades, it’s will always appear black or brown.

San Ramon, CA