Does Permanent Makeup Procedures Hurt

by | May 29, 2024

Many clients ask how painful Permanent Makeup Procedures are.

Everyone has varying threshold for pain.  What’s considered uncomfortable for one person, may feel differently on another.  It’s difficult to assume that everyone will have similar experiences.  With the SofTap tool, the Eyeliner procedure is the least painful, then Brows, then Lips.

Also,  the quality of topical anesthetics used by the Permanent Makeup Artist before and during the procedure will be a key factor.  Don’t be afraid to ask if they use high quality anesthetics.   Depending on the Artist, the medication will vary.  However, the numbing process should take place in two steps to ensure client comfort:

1. Prior to procedure, the Artist should use Lidocaine to numb the surface of the skin.  It takes minimum of 10 minutes for it to be effective.  Currently, 5% Lidocaine is the maximum allowed over counter.  

2.  During the procedure, the Artist should use a blend of Lidocaine, Tetracaine or Benzocaine, and Epinephrine. 

Good anesthetics is expensive, so some Artist use poor quality to save money.

Excellent Tip:
Prior to your Eyebrow or Lips procedure, exfoliate the area several times during the week using gentle micro-beads, facecloth, or buffing pads.  By removing some of the dead or dry skin, you’ll have a better chance of the anesthetics to penetrate the surface of the skin and be more effective.

If you’re extremely sensitive, try taking ibuprofen before and after the procedure.
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