Different Tattoo Removal Methods

by | May 29, 2024

The term ‘Tattoo Removal’ is a misconception.  The only way to ‘remove a tattoo’  is to have a doctor extract the pigmented area of the skin.  The outcome is painful and mostly likely to scar.

‘Tattoo Lightening’ is usually the method most technicians use via laser or salt/saline.  The goal is to “lighten” the color of the pigment so that it is not visible at a quick glance.

Tattoo Lightening takes patients and many applications.  Over time, the pigment will fade, however, there’s usually a blurry hue of the pigment left in the skin. 

People should think twice before getting tattoos.  It costs few hundred dollars and a couple of hours to get it on the skin.  But may cost thousands of dollars and years to lighten.

Also, forget spending money on the ‘over the counter’  Tattoo Removal systems…it may help exfoliate the epidermal layer of the skin, which may temporarily give the appearance of tattoo lightening.  However, it will not penetrate to the dermal layer of the skin where the pigment lays.

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