Dark ring around lips from permanent makeup lip procedure

by | May 29, 2024

I have clients that come in to show me their dark blue or black ring around their lips after a permanent makeup procedure.  Why does this happen?

Two possibilities:
1.  The artist used black or dark pigment to first outline the lip, then used lip color pigment to shade inner lips.
This is a NO NO, black or any dark pigment should not be used anywhere around the lips.

2.  We have lots of blood vessels and veins in our lips.  That’s why, when we’re really cold, our lips turn blue, in some cases, purple.  But for women of color, we especially have more visible blue or brown in our lips.  The artist should use lip color with a lot of Orange to neutralize the blue.  Orange reds and Orange pinks will look red and pink once applied to dark blue lips.  If the artist uses reds and pinks with blue undertones, it will accentual the blue in our lips.


3.  Sometimes, immediately after, there are dark areas on and around lips due to bruising.  Wait 3 weeks for the lips to heal.  If you still see dark areas, apply glycolic serum or glycolic peel agent to the darker areas to lighten.

Corrections are available for women with slight dark areas. However, if your lips were first outlined with black, it’s more likely that you will have to wait for it to fade or series of lightening procedures (laser or saline) should be conducted.  Permanent makeup lip pigment colors will not override this color.



Take a look at your lips in day light.  Look up close.  Do you see any blue, brown, dark colors, freckles on your lips?  Women tend to have darker upper lips and outer edge of lower lip.  If you see a lot of it, it will require more than 2 visits to make your lips look lighter and brighter.  However, the good news is, it can be done!!!

San Ramon, CA