Can my favorite Tattoo artist provide Permanent Makeup Services?

by | May 29, 2024

Body tattoo and Permanent Makeup artists receive different training, therefore, clients should be aware that just because one artist can create beautiful art on the body does not guarantee that they will provide good permanent makeup artistry on the face.  The skills needed to draw on your body and face differs significantly.

  • Our skin on our body may be thicker than the skin on our face.  Therefore, different tools are used.
  • Black pigment should only be used on the face for Eyeliner procedures.  Never on the brows.  Black pigment usually fades blue or grey.
  • Body tattoo artists favor bold and striking colors, while permanent makeup is best when applied subtly and natural in color.

I have a client that has numerous body tattoos.  Since her tattoo artist produced beautiful work on her body, she thought it would be ok to let him provide eye brows on her face.  She drew the brows first with a topical brow pencil to provide a template to her artist.  The end result was as expected, black pigment and Mal placed design.  It gave her a harsh appearance to her face.

After 10 years of covering the brows with powder and pencil, she decided to get them corrected.  The correction process took over a year.  Numerous tattoo lightening treatments had to be applied to the previous tattoo to fade the black, now grey,  pigment.  Each lightening session required minimum of six weeks to heal prior to next treatment.  Once the brows were light enough, I was able to provide proper brow color and design for her face.

Remember, once pigment is deposited into the dermal layer of the skin, the pigment may fade in color over time, however, the pigment particles are permanently in your skin.   Therefore, Permanent Makeup is a tattoo, it is not semi -permanent.  Not all tattoo artists are trained the same, so be sure to select a professional that specializes in permanent makeup artistry.  The end result should make you look refreshed and well defined.
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