Artificial Beauty or Not…Botox, Fillers, and Permanent Makeup…Oh My!!!

by | May 29, 2024

I have friends who do not understand why anyone would plump, paralyze, and/or tattoo their face to faces.

Some comments…
Why not let mother nature do it’s thing and we all age gracefully without intervention.  People who do it are superficial, it doesn’t look natural, and they are wasting their money.

It is always important to not loose perspective of our face.  We are all aging, some more quickly than others.  It is important find ways to look your age, but more refreshed.  As of you had a good night sleep.  There’s only so much that makeup and over the counter products can do for our face.

Cosmetic enhancement is a personal choice.  I agree it is somewhat superficial.  Similar like driving a nice car, having a giant diamond ring, or living in a beautiful home.

But let’s face it, our physical appearance does play an important role in our lives.  Looking professional, polished and fresh faced does have it’s advantages.

I had an 85 year old client who came in to get permanent makeup eyebrows.  She exercises, eats right, and in healthy condition.  But her reasoning for permanent makeup, she doesn’t have brows and her hand shakes so she can’t apply eyeliner.
San Ramon, CA