Alopecia: Understanding the Journey and Cosmetic Solutions

by | May 29, 2024

Alopecia is an auto immune disease that results in thinning or hair loss.  It does not discriminate age, ethnicity, nor gender.  The targeted area (face, head, or body) and the rate of hair loss is unpredictable and varies from person to person.  Doctors may prescribe Cortisone shots to affected area to slow down hair loss, however, most of my clients do not prefer this method for long term treatment.

When in remission, tiny peach fuzz or small amounts of hair may grow back over time.  But for some, they completely lose their brows and lashes.  Cosmetically it may be a concern to some, but most people live happy, healthy lives.  Stressing does not help, so don’t fret.

I recently had a male client with Alopecia.   Male brow procedures require a different Permanent Makeup technique than Female brow procedures.  We have to be extremely careful not to make it look feminine.  Male brow shape are thicker, fuller, and less uniformed than female brows.  We as artist should not shade the brows and the hair strokes should be more randomly placed and not arched high.  Male brows tend to taper thick at the tail and point downwards.

Female clients with alopecia benefit from permanent makeup.  They also appreciate lash line enhancement or eyeliner procedure.  Since they lack lashes, it’s best to produce very fine lines.  Brown is preferred, rather than black.  It will look more natural and provide additional definition around the eyes.
San Ramon, CA